Advantages of Dual Enrollment

High school students are not the only ones with the opportunity for dual enrollment programs. These programs offer college courses for high school juniors and seniors. The courses are not credited courses, meaning you will not receive any college credits earned, but they can help students prepare for college. Dual enrollment offers high school students […]

Best Ways to Promote Your Online Degree to Hiring Managers

Many online degrees offer the same benefits to employers as traditional, on-campus degrees—and some offer even more. Employers know that online degrees have certain advantages over traditional degrees, which is why so many reputable schools offer online programs. Are you looking for a new job? Do you need to differentiate yourself from other candidates? Want […]

What Can You do With a Masters in Education?

If you have just obtained your master’s degree in education and you are wondering what the next step will be in your journey, then here are some ideas and opportunities that may be a good fit for the next stage in your career. Doing any form of degree can be hard, and going for a […]

What is Lifelong Learning?

“Lifelong learning is the act of acquiring new information, skills, values, and competencies throughout life, rather than being taught a specific set of skills or concepts at a single point in time.” It is not just about schooling. Lifelong learning means acquiring new skills and information throughout life through reading, attending classes, participating in workshops, […]