It’s important to focus your interview answer on who you are, not what you think the interviewer wants to hear. The statement, “tell me about yourself,” is the most common job interview question. It is generally one of the first questions you’ll answer in your interview, and it may be the most difficult to answer because this is the first chance the interviewer has to learn about you.

The question “Tell me about yourself” is a classic interview question. When you answer it, you’re speaking a little bit about yourself, and the interviewer judges how you think and what you say. But there’s a right and wrong way to answer this question, and by knowing the right way to answer it, you’re setting yourself up for success.

Answering “Tell me about yourself” is not so hard. Most applicants forget that the hiring manager or recruiter wants to know more about you than what you’ve listed. So, by answering in a confident way, you are sharing with the interviewer your accomplishments, experiences, and skills. This is where you explain how you are qualified for this job.

Ways how to answer “tell me about yourself” in interviews:

Introduce yourself politely and honestly as possible.

Don’t waste any time. Tell the interviewer who and what you are. Answer the “Tell Me About Yourself” question with honesty. Tell the interviewer about your background, education, and relevant experience. Employers love confident individuals that are willing to explain themselves. However, do not answer the “Tell Me About Yourself” question in an overly confident way.

Mention past experiences and proven successes as they relate to the position.

Your very first step in answering “tell me about yourself” is to think about your past work experience or life experiences that relate to the position. This allows you to showcase your achievements and skill sets. Additionally, it allows you to highlight relevant skill sets unique to the position you are applying to.

Consider your skills and abilities for doing the job you want to apply for.

The interviewer is trying to get to know you. Think of an interview as a chance for you to ask questions and learn more about the company. This is your opportunity to show the interviewer that you can do the job. Remember that you will not get a second chance to make a good first impression. So, make sure you’re prepared and take time to review your notes and research the company before your interview.

Be sure to highlight your personality to be more comfortable in the conversation.

The “tell me about yourself” question can be intimidating in a job interview. You have to describe your education and work experience briefly, but you also have to give a brief synopsis of who you are. This can be especially difficult if you’re applying for a job requiring a specific skill set. Luckily, there is a way to handle this question that will let you show off your personality and stand out from other applicants.

 Listen carefully to what the interviewers are asking you about.

“Tell me about yourself” is a difficult question to answer during an interview, but it can also be a great opportunity to make a positive impression. First, answer the question as succinctly as possible. Then, follow up with some insightful and useful information that will drive the conversation away from a clichéd response and toward a genuine response that reflects your true skills and experience.

Why does the interviewer ask this “tell me about yourself” question? 

The interviewer often asks this question because it gives the interviewer a chance to understand your personality, goals, ambition, and achievements. The interviewer can also determine the job candidate’s values, interests, and motivations. The answer to this question is also important in determining whether the candidate is a good fit for the open positions within the organization.

The objective of this tell me about your question is to understand better what the interviewer is looking for. You need to give the interviewer an overview of your accomplishments and skills without going into too much detail. You can be as detailed as you want on your resume, but in the interview, you should give the interviewer a brief summary of your accomplishments and skills.

The interviewer’s question may be common, but your response should be unique. Be prepared to list your skills, experience, traits, qualifications, and accomplishments, as well as provide the interviewer with examples of your work or accomplishments. When responding to the interviewer’s questions, be sure to give examples that further illuminate your qualifications, rather than rambling on and on about your skills and not answering the interviewer’s questions.

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